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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Windfarm Efficiency

Oh dear, the Department for the Environment caught by its own numbers...

The report by the John Muir Trust recently published and now widely circulated shows that, as usual, the Civil Servants running the government have been economical with the truth. So have any number of "Green" groups and the Windfarm industry. It seems all those windfarms built at vast expense (The Taxpayer's, of course!) have been generating only around 20% of the capacity various people claim for only 50% of the time. Worse for a third of the time, they are turning out less than 10% and even worse, they aren't reliable at times of peak demand.

And the supreme irony? This report was compiled from publically available data, by a group with "Green" credentials ...

It would make me laugh, if it wasn't for the vast amount of money Blair and his socialist apparatchiks have wasted on this - our money, part of that £1.4 TRILLION blackhole they created.

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