Monday, 4 April 2011

Herb 'Snail'

Our Herb spiral taking shape. In German it is called a 'Kräuter Schnecke' - a Herb Snail - and it first required that we dig out the position, then fill the excavation with pebbles over geodesic cloth. Part of the hole had to be refilled with earth, as the South facing third - the lowest part in the pictures - doesn't require the drainage. Now we are building it up, 'step' by 'step,' with sand over the pebbles, then earth and compost mixture and finally compost. The plants will be added toward the end of the month, when we can be sure the frosty weather is well past.

It will now get some plant pots around it for a bit of colour and 'Herbert,' our water tub Troll and his dragon companions will occupy a space adjoining the tallest part closest the camera. By midsummer it will be looking great, though we have a lot to do still.

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  1. What a great idea. I might try something similar here.