Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Garten Arbeit ...

Mausi and I are busy rebuilding the garden. The Herb Spiral now awaits its plants which have been ordered but won't arrive for a week or two yet. The surround has been cleared, levelled and decorated with small stones in which we have set a range of different size pots and these are gradually being filled with interesting and colourful plants.

The lack of rain is a bit worrying as the ground is now dry and the little showers we had a few days ago, soaked in and then evaporated. Our hopes are now pinned on the promise of rain tomorrow and Friday, though some of this is probably going to be thunderstorms.

This evening we dug out another flowerbed and planted some interesting flowering plants. All in all, within a few more weeks we should have a good show - as long as we get some rain.


  1. which plants are you putting in?

  2. It includes Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Eiskraut (Sorry, can't translate that at present!), Lavender, Cat Mint, Orange thyme, Sweet Basil and a range of flowering herbs with interesting colours and scents/flavours. Round the base we have some various sized pots in which we are planting a range of desert daisies, aubretia, geraniums and other flowering plants and small shrubs all of which should make a nice display.