Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Going through the motions

I note with interest that opinion in the UK seems to be divided between those who want out of Europe at any price and who blame Brussels for every ill that has befallen the UK and those who think the current coalition is a disaster. I have to say I have no sympathy with either view. Labour did terminal damage to the UK economy, not Brussels, and not the EU. They have left a legacy of incredibly damaging legislation as well, so no matter what the current government do to try and stimulate the economy, the Liebor legacy will torpedo it.

The Coalition faces an almost impossible task, one which will, inevitably, be unpopular with the socialist press/media and the ignoramuses who vote Liebor or failed to vote or exercised what they consider a 'protest' vote. Labour bankrupted Britain and left some ticking time bombs to make sure it was terminal. The Equalities Act, the Climate Change Act and one or two more will eventually destroy what is left of Britain's independence and her commercial and industrial viability.

Brussels may not be popular in the UK and the EU certainly isn't, but the current situation is not the fault of the EU, nor of Brussels, the finger of blame has to be pointed squarely at Whitehall and the hordes of gold plating parasites in the Civil Service and those now occupying the Opposition Benches in that House of Cards in the Palace of Westminster.

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