Friday, 6 May 2011


I dare say there will be rejoicing in some quarters over the rejection of the Alternative Voting system in the UK, but I do wonder how valid it is when less than 50% of the voters bother to vote. Not voting is NOT the same as voting no. If anything it shows that those who don't vote, don't even begin to understand democracy. This is why Britain, and I dare say other countries as well, so often find themselves saddled with huge bureaucracies (unelected) and permanent politicians who never seem to get the message from the voters.

No, I'm not suggesting they don't occassionally listen to the violent mobs who take to the streets, the people they don't listen to are those from whom they take regular payments in the form of tax, and 'redistribute' it to all the worthless parasites in Whitehall and their own bank accounts, friends and relations.

The AV system is probably not the best in the world but it would be an improvement on the first past the post dinosaur which allows and encourages the growth of 'Safe' Seats where particular parties can put up talking baboons as candidates and still get elected. This is why, I suspect, so many no longer even bother to vote. They've worked out that it is a pointless exercise, the Party of Choice in their area will be elected whether they vote or not.

The anti-change vote is amusing from one aspect, the AV system is already in use in Wales and has produced what is likely to be a shake-up as the Liebor Party has lost its majority. It is in use in Northern Ireland and in the EU elections and has demonstrated some advantages in those. Perhaps voting should be made, as it is in Australia, compulsory. That way at least people would have to make their preferences known, and Australia uses a form of AV ...

In the meantime Liebor-Labour has lost ground in Scotland and in Wales, gained some ground in its usual heartlands in England and the big losers are the LibDems who are now trying to blame their partners in government for the loss. Heads, methinks, will soon begin to roll in some quarters.

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