Thursday, 28 January 2010

Damn all politcians ....

I need to make a payment to an account I have in the US for services I use. I would normally do this through PayPal but when I tried earlier I got the interesting message that I cannot make the payment as "sanctions" prohibit this! Now I am definitely seeing red. Sanctions? What bl**dy good will they do pray tell? I'll tell you the effect of sanctions of this sort - it hardens attitudes and drives people into the hardliners camp, that's what it does. I watched this happen in South Africa and you can see it happening everywhere else Blair, Brown and all the rest of the socialist *rs*h*l*s have stuck their ignorant and poisonous noses.

Iran is not going to lie down and be a poodle to the liberal coteries who now dictate policy. Yes, this is a country with problems, but you don't solve them without actually understanding the people, the culture and the influences that guide them. British politics is, at the moment, driven by the airheaded and prejudice filled Blair Babes and their friends, none of whom have ever set foot here, much less anywhere else and even those places they have been they have no understanding of the history (irrelevant they scream), the culture - despite protests that they "respect" this they don't have a clue and immediately cause grave offence by refusing to conform! - or the concerns of the people in that nation. In short the vast majority of them are a danger to us, to the world and to the people they claim they want to help.

Its time to clear Whitehall and Westminster of all these parasites and to shoot or hang anyone who even mentions "multi-culturalism" (They haven't a sincere intention in them!) or "human rights" most of which conflict with everything about the first of these political monstrocities! Add to that list anyone proposing "sanctions against anyone for anything! The only people hurt by them are the people they are supposed to help!

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