Saturday, 23 January 2010

Essential reading for the Climate Change debate

I have found two new books on the Climate Change debate which I will be buying as soon as I can. They were shown on the blog Climate Audit and are written to expose the dubious science and downright skulduggery that has been deployed to protect the lucrative "research" funding the current crop of politically motivated and supported "researchers" are enjoying. The Hockey Stick Illusion and Climategate; The Crutape Letters are written by scientists who do not agree with the manipulated data and selective datasets currently used to - among other things - show dramatic meltdown of the ice caps.

Frankly its not a moment before time for these books to emerge, the tragedy is that they are unlikely to be read by the W*nk*rs of Whitehall or the Westminster Motormouths whose careers are now closely tied to spouting the Greenstrife and Fiends of the Earth/IPCC propaganda. There's far too much money at stake.

Reading the latest news from the US I see that someone there has at last cottoned on to the effect of all the new "health" legislation Obama's socialist fascistas are pushing through "Regulation" and which bypasses the Senate and the Congressional process. They've realised that the restrictions the EPA is planning would drive industries out of the US with millions of jobs going with it. That would mean raising tax on those who do remain in employment so that they can pay for more bureaucrats and more handouts. Sund familiar? Welcome to the path the UK has been following sonce the Blair Regime took power and handed power to the "Focus Groups" and "Minority Interests" that now run the country.

I suspect these books will also be largely ignored by the socialist media. After all, they don't suggest handing out huge aid packages or massive social engineering projects, they just try to get the truth told.

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  1. Let's not try and confuse truth and politics. No Westminster or Washington politician ever got anywhere by letting a few facts get in the way of a campaign