Thursday, 7 January 2010

Departure time...

It's time to go back to Tehran. Getting to the airport could be fun, the roads are icy and the temperatures around the airport hit a low of -12*C which meant closures, delays and other problems. Even Oxfordshire, not far from Tewkesbury as the crow flies, hit a low of -18*C. Hopefully our trip to Birmingham to catch our flight won't be to badly affected.

Mind you, its cold at this season in Tehran. It was -4*C when we came home and looks to be set to get colder. Rain and snow are promised there for Sunday, though today and tomorrow's temperatures look positively balmy at a resounding 8*C...

I love the beauty of the snow, but it really does remind us of the fact that it wasn't a problem for our ancesters who were much less under the tyranny of the clock and the diary and were able to just go with the seasons!

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