Sunday, 10 January 2010

In the warm

While the UK shudders in the snw and ice, Tehran is basking in sun and mild temperatures. This is the warmest winter they have experienced since the Revolution and there is talk of a problem with water supplies in the summer. Tehran gets its rain and water in the winter and the snow melt fills the reservoirs in spring. This year the snow has not arrived - except on the mountains to the north - and there is some anxiety about the water levels in the reservoirs.

The interesting bit is that there is no mention here of "Global Warming/Climate Change" - instead they are recalling when this last happened and there is even mention of its happening in living memory and antiquity.

The difference I suppose between a population whose focus is on getting on with life and one that has sufficient idle hands and subsidised "intellectuals" of the weakminded sort to worry about things they cannot change. And, in case anyone is wondering, one of the reasons the Iranians are anxious about the water is that they are planting trees along the expressways and major roads to reduce the pollution level - and these need watering daily.

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