Wednesday, 27 January 2010

End of Course

Said good bye today to our students from the oil and gas industry and look forward to starting a new course on Saturday with more fire fighters. In the meantime we have had some interesting weather to deal with starting night before last with torrential downpours that flushed the streets, cleared the gutters and turned the training centre into a mudbath. It also dropped what looks like several inches of snow on the mountains behind us and brought a chill factor that is lazy enough to need a good thick coat and a couple of jumpers!

Last night we had wind. Plenty of it. And more snow on the mountains with a little rain and some attempts at snowing lower. The wind soon sorted that out though and so we awaoke this morning to a good freeze with patches of ice on the ground and rimming the standing pool we now have where a building was demolished on Sunday and Monday. And a wind that doesn't bother going round you.

The forecast is for more snow, rain and wind. Glad I brought the long johns ....

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