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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Chaos reigns...

It seems that as usual, the UK is allowing the overpaid, underqualified filing clerks to make decisions about technical matters they have only the vaguest grasp of. The EU Weather predictors make use of satellite imaging and airsampling to determine where the volcanic ash is. In the UK, they are using computer modelling to "predict" the spread. There is, as a result, a very significant difference of opinion between most European Civil Aviation Authorities and the UK CAA as to the level of threat and the extet of it.

The UK predictions show a cloud spread right across Europe and the UK, the French, German and Scandanavian maps show several isolated "patches, most of them clear of the UK and fairly localised in other areas. As usual, the Whitehall W*nk*rs are playing the "'Elf 'n Safey" card.

Likewise, yesterday, they finally ordered the Royal Navy to "do something", which the RN then did, they sent three of our largest ships, HMS Albion, HMS Ocean and HMS Ark Royal to various ports along the Atlatic coast to help bring home stranded passengers. Typically, some commentators have questioned sending warships to help, one saying - "Won't a big warship like this turning up n some small port cause alarm?"

I'll hand it to the Rear-Admiral. He laughed and said, "That is what they are intended to do, but in this case, they are NATO allies and the diplomatic arrangements have been made." Pity it took the Labour Luvvies five days to get their act together.

Watching the news tonight it is still a farce, they have issued a statement saying that flights will resumed, under strictly controlled checks and in limited areas. Left to this lot, the industry might as well pack it in and move offshore. Otherwise open Heathrow and the other airports as museums in a year or two and in the meantime as monuments to the caution and inability to make decisions that accompanies placing unqualified and ignorant filing clerks in charge of technical matters.

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