Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday

Today is "Good" Friday and we will be at the Abbey for the Solemn Liturgy and probably part of the Three Hours Devotion. Churhes in Tewkesbury will also be staging their March Of Witness along the High Street, though this is frowned on by the Police on the grounds that it "disrupts traffice" and is a "political demonstration".

It may surprise many readers to know that, since that well known "Christian" gentleman and Regicide ruled England after the Civil War, Good Friday and Christmas have not been recognised "holidays" and are technically full working days. Most people don't, of course, but I sometimes wonder how long it will be before this government - atheist and humanist to a man - or the rest of the Whitehall closet atheists decide that we should all be forced to work on these Holy Days.

Time, I think, for Christians to stand up and be counted and to reclaim our faith.

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