Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Those magnificent men ...

Mausi and the Monk went for a ride in a helicopter on Easter Monday. The Monk's son has become a flying instructor teaching people how to fly these incredibly agile and complex machines. Think of trying to pat your head with one hand, rub your stomach with the other and move both feet in opposite movements at the same time...

The instrument panel located between the "Cyclic" controls which determine which way the rotor blades are pitched to give up, down, forward sideways or backward motion. Next the seat is the "Collective"which controls engine power and the speed and rate of climb or descent and the feet control the tail rotor and thus direction in a turn.

The Monk's son enjoying showing his father how to fly the aerodynamically impossible machine in a co-ordinatedly unco-ordinated manner. A thoroughly enjoyable outing on a blustery day.

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