Thursday, 22 April 2010

TV Interview

Yesterday I attended the London Book Fair. It was a very interesting and educational experience, not least for the insight it gave to just how closed a community the Publishing industry has become. Book Fairs are places authors go in the hope of meeting an agent or finding a publisher and the LBF is the biggest around. But, if you think you will be allowed to talk to a publisher or an agent - forget it. No appointment? No meeting.

I had been warned of this and had sent off a number of enquiries and synopses, CV's etc to agents who were slated to be there. Not one bothered to exercise the courtesy of a reply. OK, so there is a Consultancy where you can get advice at the Fair. Except they are in the "closed" section where all the agents entertain their clients ...

The publishers will only speak to an author who is represented by an agent, preferably accompanied by them and again, you can't even enter their stands unless you have an appointment, are on their list of buyers or an agent invited by one of their editors. Only the "Independent" Publishers welcome you - in the hope of persuading you to part with varying amounts of cash so they can print your work and leave you to do the selling and marketting.

Anyway, the main reason for going was that I was to be interviewed by The BOOK CHANNEL. It will be aired, I'm told, in the next few weeks both on their channel (Sky 166) and (Freesat 402) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 19.30 each evening. I have to say they were superb, encouraging, helpful and really nice people. Made the day in fact. I've added the link in the sidebar and will, in due course, add the clip to YouTube.

And I have to admit that I did get a couple of useful contacts and hints from some of the people I spoke to.

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