Friday, 30 April 2010

Starting to settle ...

The drive from Tewkesbury to Dover, then Calais, via Brugge, Gent, Brussels, Aachen, Cologne and finally Bliedenstadt was accomplished thanks to my son's superb driving skills and great company, in a little ove twelve hours. We rested on the ferry and had a great meal (Seafrance employs proper chefs for their restuarant. The Beef Bourgonoin, was superb.

The welcome at my new home was warm, welcoming and a relief - especially after startling a herd of Wild Boar on the road about a kilometer from our destination. Madam Paddy has travelled well, though she is still a bit uncertain of her surroundings. She preferred to travel beneath the passenger seat of the car, but later curled up inside her travelling case when I covered it. Her reaction to the shadow cast by overhead bridges was fascinating - evidently the swift moving shadow suggested a hunting eagle or some other predator - and she flattened herself and yeowled each time we passed one until she could get beneath the seat.

Thanks to a pheromone based "plug-in" she has settled into the new house remarkably easily so far, though she is still "exploring" each noo and cranny as she gets a chance.

Now all I have to do is help Mausi get the place ready for the arrival of my stuff in two weeks - we have to redcorate a room and get some additional furniture sorted out - but for now I need some rest and some sleep. So does Mausi as she has been putting in the extra hours at this end preparing for my arrival.

My son, left this morning for Milan with the car and hit a long weekend rush on the Autobahn south... He finally got to Milan two and a half hours later than planned, and will at least be able to catch up with his girlfriend and a bit of rest before heading back to the UK on Monday...

And now, to bed!

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