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Friday, 10 August 2012

A Cautionary Tale ...

The Monk recently upgraded his iMac to the all new Mountain Lion Operating System. At the same time Mausi decided, with the Monk, to upgrade our printer/scanner to a new one we had discussed and liked. There was only one problem as far as could be seen, that is the download speed of our internet connection. So, the iMac was duly packed up and taken down to our local Apple Mac representatives and they set it up in their store, connected it to the internet and - zing. Some forty minutes to download the system update and another 30 or so to install it and the iMac performs extremely well.

Except for one small problem. It can see the new printer/scanner. It can even identify the fact that it has downloaded all the relevant tools on the CD for the printer/scanner. What it can't do is talk to it ...

Various downloads have been searched, tried and and ... nothing. Finally, the Apple Support team were contacted, they did a search and - presto. "Sorry, sir, there is, at present, no driver available for Mountain Lion and that model Samsung CLX 3185W Printer/Scanner. We suggest you call Samsung Technical Support and see if they can help."

The Monk did so. Samsung's helpful adviser only dealt in Mobile Phone problems, but he passed the details of the problem and the return call number to the Technical Support staff for Printers... Seven days later, the Monk has had a call from Samsung.

Now he could attempt to be amusing. He could attempt to give this a Japanese accent, but he won't. He will resist the temptation. There is, it seems, no driver for quite a number of Samsung printers available for use on an iMac with Mountain Lion. The Monk is assured that one is being developed and will be available ... soon.

Thankfully, the Monk's other printer, a Black and White Lexmark is very happy to work with the Mountain Lion. So, a little patience is required, full service is promised, we just don't know when ...

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  1. Seems Windows isn't the only one with driver problems... then again I don't like any of the operating systems... ;-)