Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Civic Expansion!

Our village is starting to expand. It must be a sign of something. Three new houses are under construction on what used to be paddocks below us and there will, ultimately, be sixteen. The road has been laid in, the services are there, now the builders are getting stuck in. I'm fascinated by the system these guys are using. Most of the outer shell is prefabricated, so, once the ground works are completed, it's in with the concrete pumps, the trucks arrive and the crane gets busy.

Hey, presto, in one day you have the major part of the house erected. In two months it's ready for occupation. The preparation work is done by an artist with a digger and a laser operated theodolite. I'm not kidding, this guy uses a big digger to sculpt the ground into the exact level and the exact shape for the house. Then  along comes another load of concrete slabs, these are laid out and interlocked and the next time you look there are walls going up.

Last week I walked past a hole in the ground in the morning and noted the concrete slab and some steel ties at the bottom. Next day there was a complete cellar there. It's lined, insulated and waterproofed. Even the oil tanks for the heating system are installed. Tomorrow they tell me they'll put the house shell over it.

German efficiency I think it's called. Or is it the famous 'Vorschprung durch technik?'

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