Friday, 3 August 2012

Now there's one for the SciFi buffs ...

According to the BBC news site, one of the many radio telescope projects currently searching for siigns of extra-terrestrial activity, has stumbled upon what they are calling a Bounce Anomaly. Television signals broadcast on earth 47 years ago and being reflected back to us off something about 25 light years away. A search by NASA using the Hubble telescope has failed to identify what is causig it. The scientists speculate that it could be a cloud of asteroids. If it is it would have to be a pretty big one.

According to the report the signals have been de-noised and digitally enhanced and the shows are not only identifiable, but they include some for which the 'Master' tapes have long been lost here. Evidently the BBC is working with the Arecibo Observatory team to recapture and process as much as possible. The spokesman tells us it includes some original Dr Who shows. Oh dear. I can feel a "Cringe Factor 100" moment coming on ...

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  1. Well, it's not surprising really. We get enough bloody repeats on TV as it is; we shouldn't be shocked when some aliens send them back to us. I dread to think what they'll make of today's digital and satellite stuff, never mind the terrestial rubbish!

    Slim Jim