Saturday, 11 August 2012

Bring on the bearers and beaters ...

Today is a gardening day, the back hedge has been getting a little wild, so it has been tamed and trimmed, garden has been weeded and the tomatoes in our 'Tomato House' are starting to ripen. There's going to be quite a nice crop eventually. The odd thing this year is that, like last year, it is unseasonably cool. Temperatures at night have been dropping rather sharply and the wind is staying northerly and cool. It's been quite wet as well, though not as wet as Britain.

In the wet, the strip behind our hedge, which acts as a break between the houses and the horse paddocks, has turned into a jungle. Mausi tackled it today in an effort to get to our hedge. It is almost a case of getting in the men with machetes, bearers with camping gear and the guide toting an elephant gun. She's won through though despite comments such as 'Doctor Mausi, I presume' and offers to find a pith helmet.

Still, the weather is mild, we've won the battle and enjoyed coffee in the Gazebo with "Puddingbretzeln" and we're planning to have a little barbecued sausage for our supper tonight.

Time for a little relaxation before then, eh, what!

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