Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Ready, steady - build ...

A couple of weeks ago I reported that the builders had started ground works for three new houses being built in our village. The first involved a massive excavation and the laying of some concrete, then nothing seemed to happen for a few days. Then, suddenly, there was a fully assembled cellar in the hole. Today some large semi-trailer trucks arrived with a crane.

Now there's the whole lower storey of the house there. The last two photos show the chimney being lowered into position through the prepared 'slot' in the floor slabs to link up with the boiler in the cellar. The upper picture is the lower section, the lower is the top part of the chimney which will be joined on as soon as the supporting roof structure is in place.

The walls are prefabricated, even the electrical conduits, wiring and fittings alreaddy installed. The builders simply assemble the whole thing as each piece is lowered into place. Windows and doors are all fitted already.

The second storey is a timber framed construction and the key elements of this are also prefabricated. Once these are in place - presumably tomorrow - the lining, insulation and the outer covering will go on. I am informed that these houses are essentially 'kits' which an owner can select from a catalogue, order and have assembled on the site of his choice.

House building has certainly moved on since I were a lad!


  1. I wonder how well they'll hold up in extreme weather...?

  2. Actually, they hold up extremely well. We get the odd tornado round here and some of these kit houses did better than some more traditional ones.