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Monday, 6 August 2012

Another "Amoklauf"?

It's probably far too early to judge. There certainly isn't enough information available on it, but this does have some of the elements of a 'suicidal depressive' type of attack. The perpetrator has picked a group that stands out in his view, or stands apart from what he believes 'his' society should be, planned an attack he knew he couldn't survive, and carried it out. Beyond that, there are too many unanswered questions at present. About the only parallel with Aurora is that the attacker used legally acquired weapons to do it.

For the moment I think the only thing anyone can do is pray for those killed, injured and bereaved and hope that this is the last such attack we will hear of.

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  1. Didymus writes
    As a matter of trivia I do love the German words for terrible things, they have a wonderful bite and impact in English.
    On a more serious note I firmly believe that these events will continue and spread. Surely they are a by product of constant immersion in fantasy violence, both films and video games, by inadequate individuals. If life is lived in virtual reality then the line between fantasy and reality are blurred. Violent stories have of course been around in the oral tradition or book form for millennia and generations. The difference is that in those traditions an individual has to make the mind pictures, they are not provided – so if the imagination has been stimulated to construct and remember scenes and stories the brain is somehow more aware of the fact that this is fantasy.
    Global communication helps by breeding copycats who in their strange world think such acts will make them famous or belong to an elite club.