Friday, 24 August 2012

Something a bit different for Friday

I've been playing around with Mausi's camera, a rather more 'tecky' one than I usually use. There is certainly a lot to experiment with. I thought I'd try some close-up stuff since there is a lot happening on the small scale in our garden.

So here are some results -

I'm willing to bet Josephus can name the genus of the plants and the insects in them ...


  1. Well, the animal life is first Apis Bombus, next Vanessa Atlanta (and Bombus), Bombus again, then Apis Mellifera.

    Not a clue about the flowers!

  2. Those are some awesome photos!

  3. Thanks vwbug, I was pleased with the results. Josephus identifed the bees and the butterfly, but disappointed with the plants ... Oh well, I'll have to look them up I guess.