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Monday, 12 November 2012

Disgraceful Behaviour

Archbishop Cranmer says it far better than I can - and far more civilly as well. The behaviour and attitude of the Oik who calls himself 'Acting' President of the Universities of London Union is typical of someone who has so narrow a vision of world history, so poisoned by his own ideology that he is incapable of understanding anything. Sadly it is typical of the poisonous left wing socialist "new" history cobbled out of opinion, re-arranged factoids and ideological reinterpretation far too many so-called academics now peddle in 'education.'

In my view he should be expelled from the university and barred from attending any other. He prattles about 'freedom' and 'oppression' without the slightest understanding of either.

As Shakespeare would say, "A pox on all his houses - and upon his friends and followers as well."

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