Tuesday, 13 November 2012

It Beggars Belief ...

That the legal system in Britain is once again turned on its head by the pleadings of a bunch of lawyers milking the legal aid system for the benefit of their massive incomes and to protect the 'rights' of a man who has links to Al Qaeda and is wanted for terrorism in his own homeland. Once again the ECHR and the bleeding hearts of the Special Immigration Appeals Commission, have frustrated the British Justice system and prevented the extradition of Abu Qatada to Jordan.

The reason? According to the Jduge in charge of the Special Immigration Appeals Commission, "the evidence against him is pretty thin" and the ECHR says "there is a serious risk of evidence being obtained by torture." This despite assurances from Jordan that torture would not be used and evidence obtained that way would also be excluded. So now we have a judge in the UK calling the Jordanians liars - in very diplomatic language - and the ECHR doing the same. It's insulting to the Jordanians, but it is also a slap in the face to the law abiding citizens of the UK. This man is not the only murderous terrorist being protected here, there are several others enjoying our hospitality, all efforts to remove them and to let them face justice and prove, if they can, their innocence being frustrated at every turn by a bunch of lawyers who specialise in milking the legal aid funds while their 'clients' enjoy freedom to plot, plan and organise others in the safety of the UK at the taxpayers expense.

When can we expect someone in that hot air generating station on the Thames to put an end to this abuse? We hear them fulminating about the 'interference' from Europe, but they are the morons who signed the UN Treaties now being used to frustrate justice. Instead of accepting the arguments so often advanced to suggest that these accused terrorists and murderers, rapists and so on will not get 'justice' in the countries they have escaped from, let's have the guts to put it to the test. Send them back, send the lawyers with them - and let's have an independent panel report back on the conduct of the trials and the quality of the evidence.

We can't "know" that everyone else's justice system is flawed and unreliable unless we are allowed to see it working. We are often told how the Jordanian and other Arabian societies are so much better than our own - often by the very same people now defending the likes of Abu Qatada - so let's put it to the test. Send Qatada back, and let the Law Society send a team to monitor the proceedings. Then we'll know.

It has to be cheaper than paying him benefits and allowing him to perpetrate his hate campaign against our society ...

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