Friday, 16 November 2012

One Wonders ...

Recently I've pondered a great deal on the apparently absolute polarisation of opinions on a wide range of matters, everywhere people seem to have lost the ability to see anything between the extremes in politics, religion, science and climate change. Everything is presented as either Black or White, there is nothing in between. More worryingly, this extremist approach seems to be breeding a generation of those who think their world-view, be it climate change, political ideology or religious belief, justifies their taking action to enforce it on everyone else.

We have examples of this in the Middle East where the "Arab Spring" seems to have given way to a mood of intolerance of anyone who doesn't adhere to Islamic fundamentalism. Coptic Christian women are being attacked and beaten and their hair shaved, by gangs of burqa wearing Muslim women, a plot has been uncovered in Egypt to assassinate the new Coptic Pope, burn Christian homes and churches and drive Christianity out of Egypt. In Gaza, Christians are accused of 'spying' for Israel and threatened with public execution.

In politics, the polarisation is so marked that, in any "first past the post" electoral system, it is almost a waste of money even bothering to hold elections in some constituencies. You might as well let the relevant Party decide who the candidate is and just tell the constituents who he/she is. An alarming example is that fact that at 59 'District' Polling stations in Philadelphia in the US, only one candidate on all the ballot papers returned, was voted for. That suggests one of two things, either there was massive coercion, or there was massive voting fraud. It is extremely unlikely that every single voter in any given district will vote for only one party or candidate. Human behaviour alone dictates you will get a few voters at least voting for someone else.

In the "climate change" affair, it gets even worse. Anyone who doesn't kowtow to the activist orthodoxy that all of "climate change" is attributable to those evil western capitalists polluting our planet with evil CO2, is denied access for publishing any studies, no matter how authoritatively peer reviewed, by the "guardians of climate consensus" to any of the most popular journals. I read National Geographic, Nature, Scientific American, New Scietist and others, and all of them endlessly repeat long discredited 'truths' about "Anthropomorphic Global Warming" ad nauseum. In fact, I've finally cancelled subscriptions to some of them as I just got fed up with the puerile trash they are peddling while refusing to publish any of the many very learned and very much more scientific papers being turned out by people like Prof. Judith Curry and many others in this field. Now it seems that the vendetta against those who dare to keep pointing to the Emperor's lack of clothing has been escalated.

Judith Curry's Blog has been suspended by the operators of WordPress. Clicking on the link for it gets you this message -

“ is no longer available.
This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.”

It will be interesting to see why this has been done. Having read their Terms of Service, and knowing the content of her Blog, and the manner in which it is policed by a number of her colleagues (interestingly some from the pro-AGW lobby) I cannot see what she might have "violated" in these. Ergo, I can only conclude that she has been the victim of a "denial of service" attack by someone who objects to her attacking what he/she considers to be the "truth." We should all be very concerned about this development. The first principle of freedom is that I must respect the right of others to exercise their freedom to disagree with me. I may find someone's ideology or utterances utterly repugnant, but that does not give me the right to deny them the right to make them.

Dr. Curry is one of the more balanced writers o the subject of Climate Change, she is often so 'scientific' my head hurts and my eyes water reading it, but she is informative and she should be heard.

The road down which we seem to be being forced by small "special interest" groups, advocacy groups, various Non Governmental Organisations and others prepared to use force, sabotage and threat to impose their vision and ideologies is a dangerous one. It is not one I choose to travel and it is not one any rational and reasonable person should submit to. The attack on Judith Curry's blog is not the first, other climate skeptic bloogers have had similar attacks in the past, quite possibly by activists placed within WordPress and other providers. It is NOT a healthy sign.

It is a sign that our "democracy" and our hard won "freedom" is under threat from within. It is being eroded by extremist activists who think they alone have a right to dictate how we live, what we say and think and will stop at nothing to achieve their vision of Utopia.

UPDATE: Dr Curry's blog has been restored, but there is,as yet, no explanation as to why it was suspended. The post that apparently triggered the suspension is still there and visible.

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