Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Brown economics exposed

Gordon Brown has been trumpetted by the left and the lefty media for the last umpteen years as "the best Chancellor" and the "Chancellor who broke boom and bust" but the truth is somewhat different - as it always is in matters political. The truth is that Gordon Brown's long reign at No.11 Downing Street was built on the hard work and the pain the last several Conservative Chancellors put into it. Gordo did what every Labour Chancellor has always done - he went on a spending spree and when he could no longer hide the tax increases he borrowed more and then borrowed again. And now we are back to boom and bust and the left wing media and the Labour Spin Doctors are trying to blame the banks, the "capitalists" and the "forces of conservatism" (to quote that other fraud, Tony Blair.).

All very well for our present government to blame everyone but themselves, but the truth is that it is they who changed the "rules" and allowed our banks and our local government treasurers to venture capital where it should not have gone. It is Labour who have driven through "Public/Private Funding Initiatives" against all advice and at vast cost to the taxpayer. It is there fore refreshing to see one of our MEP's, that body based in Strasbourg which costs an arm and a leg and which is window dressing for the most part to hide the fact that the EU is run by unelected Commissioners and Bureaucrats, has stood up and delivered what should have been a devastating critique. Pity not one newspaper and certainly not one TV Channel or News Bulletin in the UK even mentioned it. But then, why should they, every last one of them is a part of the Labour Party Propaganda machine.

Mr Daniel Hannan MEP deserves to be promoted by his Party, but my bet is that Mr David Cameron MP will mark him down as a "trouble-maker" and set the Goons from the Whips Office on him to make sure he doesn't threaten the Leadership in the run up to the elections. I find it astounding that I have to go to YouTube to find the speech - which is brilliant - and to hear it. I have to ask, why has the UK Media been so silent about it? Surely, if, as our Illustrious Leader Gordon Brown keeps telling us, Strasbourg is "vital to the UK and the UK's interests in Europe" the media should have picked this up and given us the full story? Or is that too much to ask a parochial and self interested media run by left wingers with their "Internationalist" agenda?

Brown's call to "spend our way out of the recession" rings hollow when his government is imposing taxes that are causing businesses to close, cancelling defence contracts which put literally thousands of jobs at risk and recruiting Civil Servants at a rate of thousands a month to consume more taxes and more tax money than ever before. Brown and Labour good at managing the economy? I don't think so - and nor do the IMF or anyone else with a modicum of economic knowledge. The only thing I will give them credit for is that it has taken them longer to destroy it this time round than in the past, but that may also be a measure of just how well the Conservatives left it when this shower of worthless PC parasites were elected.

I suppose we can only hope that we will now see them cast into the political wilderness where they and their left wing puppets in the media belong.

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