Thursday, 19 March 2009

Libertarian, conservative, socialist?

An interesting post - audio clip in fact - has popped up on "Little man; What now?" under theheading "Chomsky the Libertarian". Listening to him I found I agreed on almost every point, except I do not believe, and history stands in support of my view, that any form of "socialist" government can be Libertarian. As practiced, as opposed to as preached, Socialists invariably rapidly become dictators and introduce all manner of restrictions on liberty and freedom while chanting a mantra of "fairness and equality".

Do go and have a listen to what he is saying though, he is right, globalisation, corporatism and "libertarianism" have all become new words for dictatorial control of the wage and salaried classes. I have long considered myself a liberal conservative - note the small "l" and small "c" - yet I find more and more that I am losing my liberty, losing my mobility and losing my right to think and speak as I see. That cannot be right. That is the very antithesis of "libertarian society", yet, the politically correct politicians now infesting our institutions argue that in order to "uplift" minorities I must have my liberty restricted - in case I cause offence to some minority member who wants to live in my cultural sphere, but change to the one they have escaped from.

If I choose to live in another society or another culture I must adapt myself to their customs and mores, not the other way round. That is where I find myself at odds with those who now call themselves "liberal" or "libertarian". They are neither. I am grateful to Little man; What now? for bringing this lecture to my attention.

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