Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Sleepless in Tewkesbury

Too much coffee yesterday, followed by trying to get a lot of irritating business together for meetings today and tomorrow, left me lying awake listening to the wind buffeting the domus until the wee small hours of this morning. Then of course, the alarm went off at its usual hour and I had to struggle out of bed and in to work.

Ce la vie, at least tonight I'm pretty sure I will get some sleep - once I have calmed down after the meeting - mainly because I'm absolutely exhausted.

My students don't give me a tenth of the trouble some of the people at the meetings do. I loathe meetings, they tend to be forums for those who always expect someone else to actually do the work while they bask in the glory when it goes well and point fingers when it all goes wrong. Without ever having to take responsibility themselves. Somehow I'm glad I'm shortly retiring from this role.

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