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Friday, 27 March 2009

Friday blues

Friday has finally arrived with an end to a week's teaching which has been made interesting by my developing what seems to be a heavy cold in the chest. Certainly my voice has gone from Bass/Baritone to Russian Bass as far as tone is concerned, and no, I don't intend to try singing even though I must shortly go and take Evening Prayer in the Abbey.

THis evening promises to be a "stay indoors" with a glass of the red wine, a book, some music, the cat and the woollies while I subside from a rather fraught week. I have some more work lined up for next week so the bank should be happy and I just hope the cold eases off with a little less running about and a lot more getting things sorted out here at home.

One good thing is that a course I was asked to pull together to be run in Ireland is now on the cards for May/June and I am looking forward to spending three weeks or more in the West of Ireland even though it will be work, its a lovely part and I'll be working with some lovely people. Lots to look forward too.

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