Thursday, 26 March 2009

Looking back

Five years ago I went to South Africa for the 40th Reunion of my matriculation class. It was fun and a little sad to meet up with so many of my former classmates, the sad part was learning just how many of them were no longer with us in this life. The biggest surprise was how many of us now live in other parts of the world, hardly what any of us could have imagined, much less expected to have lain in our future.

Sadly it doesn't look as if I will be in a position to join the survivors this year. The reunion is always in October and coincides with the Schools Founder's Day celebrations. It would have been nice, but in the present financial climate I can't see it happening for me at any rate. So, to Merv, Des, Alistair, Bruce and all the others, I say, hope its a great year for you guys and perhaps I will make the 50th!


  1. My 20th High School reunion was 2 years ago. I didn't make it, having lost touch with all but one person during that time. But some old girlfriend found me online. So we ended up exchanging updates, it's always strange how where you end up in life is never where you meant to go when you started the trip. When I run across old friends who stayed near home, I tend to do most the talking. And they end up with a wistful look in their eyes. I always feel sorry for people who have never traveled.

  2. Life certainly has a way of surprising us all Matthew - I would never have dreamed of going where I have gone, seen what I have seen or done the things I have done back in 1964!