Monday, 17 August 2009

Big bird

Residents in Cardiff have a problem. There is a big and potentially dangerous bird on the loose in the suburbs. It's a European Eagle Owl, one of the largest predatory birds around. No one knows where the bird has arrived from, though it's a fair bet it has escaped from somewhere as the Eagle Owl is not native to Britain. And these birds are big and hungry. In the wild they are known to take fawns, lambs, dogs and any small animal they fancy. The bird has a 2 metre wingspan and like all it's famillias - you don't hear it coming!

Warnings have gone out to residents about the danger to pets, but I wonder if anyone has thought this through. A bird big enough to take something the size of a fawn or a young goat and fly off with it for an alfresco supper - could take a child out of a perambulator - stroller to readers in the US.

These are magnificent birds, but Wales is sheep country and farmers there are not very tolerant of anything that eats lambs. OK, this ain't lambing season, but I'm willing to bet that as soon as it appears over a farm in the valleys - it's a goner. From the news I gather that several agencies are already at work o try and track it so it can be caught and moved to where it will be safe, probably somewhere like a bird park. Since the bird is not native, it is unlikely to be able to find a mate and it would be a shame to have such a magnificent bird waste itself in a brief existence alone in the Welsh capital or the valleys.


  1. I hope it's caught and allowed to live in a beautiful, happy home where people can learn about it and learn not to import wildlife!