Friday, 21 August 2009

New book draft

It's a while since I've said anything about my writing on here and some of you may be wondering if I have given up on it. The answer is no, but I have been rather busy trying to get sales going on The enemy is within while also taking into account a publisher who pays nothing on sales through Amazon because of the size of the discount they demand. Oh, and they have changed ownership as well and the new contract isn't quite what the old one failed to deliver anyway.

Despite that, I am encouraged by the fact that it is selling, albeit slowly and only through the UK Amazon site. And I have been busy canvassing agents in the search for a more mainstream route to publishing my books. After all, that is why we write isn't it? So Book 3 is well developed and in its third draft now. I'm pleased with it though there is probably a lot that can still be improved on. It is provisionally called "On the Run" and takes Harry and his friends into a very dangerous and potentially deadly situation.

In parallel with that I have a fourth book almost completed in first draft. This has the working title "Their Lordships request.." and tracks Harry and Ferghal's (and Danny Gunn's) early career on the voyage that took them to New South Wales, the Coral Sea and India before they were snatched into the future as told in "Out of Time". Like Out of Time I have two storylines running in this one - one in Harry's present and one in their future ....

It has proved interesting, challenging and is turning up some glitches from my earlier books too. Fortunately none disasterous! Do keep your fingers crossed for the acquisition of a reliable and effective agent so these books can find their way into print and onto bookshelves. I may never get rich from this, but it does give me pleasure to know that some of you read them and enjoy them. Thanks for the support.

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