Saturday, 15 August 2009

Climate science?

A new paper on the use of "statistical smoothing" in the merging of datasets and the interpretation of the findings by the "Global Warming is all the Fault of the West" are badly sewed in favour of their particular agenda. The article can be accessed at Watts up with that, a blog run by a scientist at Heriot Watts University who is a Global Warming skeptic. Reading the article by a guest blogger - a noted US Climate Scientist not in favour with Mr Obama's climate lobby. The basis of his paper is that far to many climate change "proofs" rely on data which is being biased by the "smoothing" of the data toward showing a higher rate of temperature rise than the data sets show if the bias is removed.

The problem is that there is a significant difference between datasets of suface temperatures and those taken by tropospheric satellites. The "smoothing" formula is biased toward the surface temperature sets and so shows a rise of temperature significantly higher than it is in reality if the bias is removed.

Any bets this will not get a mention at the Climate Change Conferences currently railroading ever more draconian restrictions on the west at the expense of jobs, life choices and our future?

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