Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Hurricane's seldom happen ....

The tail end of Hurricane Bruce is busily passing the west of the UK today bringing wind and yet more rain to our shores. I wonder how long it will be before the media start whipping up a panic based on "Global Warming/Climate Change will see the UK suffer hurricanes on a regular basis"? I'm expecting to hear at least some such claim within the next few days.

An interesting item on Watts wrong with that recently raised an interesting point. It points out that a crucial dataset being used by a prominent leader in the whole "Climate Change is All Down to Human Activity" debate - and one of the Obama Administrations "favoured" advisers, is excluding a large section of the record which shows a deep trough and record high in temperatures. They have chosen to start their dataset in the years immediately following that which shows only a steady rise in temperature. Reading these pages I am reminded of an after dinner speaker I once enjoyed listening too who said of transport safety statistics as "You draw a line above the Titanic and then only count everything that happens after that."

It seems to be a trick our Climate Change lobby have mastered pretty well. Only count the stuff that makes human (particularly western human) activity look bad. I wonder what the real agenda is?


  1. "I wonder what the real agenda is?"

    Not too difficult here Monk ... just another arrow in the quiver of Marxist Critical Theory, masked up as grave concern "for the children" It's all about control, and who gets to wield it, specifically, how to obtain power and control, by the maniplutaion of ignorance and slothful reasoning.

    Sadly the public are gullible, after all, if that court jester of Westminster, George Galloway could manage to get himself elected not just the once, but several times, it doesn't say a lot for the deep thought proccesses that pass between the ears of many of the electors in his chosen districts ... once ... an aberatation, after that ... wilfull stupidity.

  2. Control, yes, the fact that the electorate keeps electing them and allows the Civil Service to continue unchecked? That is terminal insanity.