Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Citizenship Qualifications ....

NuLabour's latest trick, having realised that they have lost public trust in their "Multi Cultural" social engineering programme, is to announce that immigrants will have to "prove" their adoption of "British Values" and their loyalty to "Britain." Apparently the "test" is ludicrously hard, in fact it's doubtful whether many born and bred Britons (Particularly those uneducated by the Comprehensive Failure System) would pass it. It is written, of course, by the worst possible people - Civil Servants and NuLabour "Special Advisers". That's right the very same idiots who have labelled us "Institutionally Racist", a "Nation of Bigots", who happily declare that religion "impedes morality" and argue that we must be a "Multicultural Society". Not content with having completely lost their way in the quagmire of ideology rooted in the 1930's concept of "socialist workers paradise" in a new "Internationalism" - actually a neat piece of Stalinist propaganda - they now feel that, just maybe, a teensy-weensy bit of patriotism might be in order.

So they have devised this mish-mash idea aimed at "integrating" anyone migrating to the UK, and having served the requisite number of years "on licence" is properly inducted into the concepts which supposedly underpin our great nation's liberties and freedoms. Perhaps the honour paid to the flag draped coffins returning home from Afghanistan by the citizens of Wotton Basset and those who travel there each time one of our people is brought home that way is finally beginning to penetrate the ideology. Or perhaps it is the placard waving Islamacists in Luton howling their hatred of Britain and its troops as they march through the city. Or is it the fact that the BNP is taking votes from all the main parties and now has MEPs in STrasbourg that has finally alerted Brown and his loney-lefties to the fact that we want our country back. Who knows?

There is a basic split in the loyalties of the UK anyway. Traditionally it is between the Crown and Parliament. You are in favour of one or the other, sometimes of both. But increasingly Parliament has isolated itself, acts in contradiction of the will of the people and rewards failure. In the Civil Service the bigger the disaster you have created the better the reward. Parliament has proved itself to be out of touch and unworthy of our loyalty. Personally I am a Loyalist, my loyalty lies with the Sovereign, not with the House of Corruption and self interest. It is a choice that has split my family and relatives since the Civil War. Parliament represent tribal interests, not the Nation as a whole.

It is ironic that NuLabour (And Old Labour come to that!) having campaigned for the last twelve years to create a "Multi Cultural, multi-faith" society are now - too late - realising the danger of the beast they have fostered and created. It is equally ironic that they have apparently selected a range of things they have denigrated so much over the last forty years as the very criteria to be applied for new immigrants.

Curry anyone?

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