Saturday, 1 August 2009

Organ Recital

For all those of you who have wondered what it was I was talking about in various posts about the Grove or the Glorious Grove, take a click on the link and you will hear and see a little of what we had last Wednesday evening when Carleton Etherington gave his recital on the Milton and the Grove. Both organs are magnificent in their range and in the "voicing" of the various pipes that make up the "Stops". The Grove is unique in one respect, having no Case everything speaks in the oipne - hence the power of a relatively small instrument.

The piece on this recording on YouTube is the "Toccata de la Liberation" by Leonce de Saint-Martin (1886 - 1954). The recording is superb, the Grove growls, roars and makes "merrie noise" throughout. Oh, and the BIG growl on the bass is the Bombard stop. All 16 foot of it.

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