Saturday, 22 August 2009

Like a duck to water ...

My son has a new hobby - sailing. He has acquired a boat which he keeps on the medway, a fast sailing dinghy and a lively one too. He has also taken a course in sailing with a professional sailing instructor and can now probably teach me a few tricks at the helm of his boat. Many years ago I owned and sailed a Fireball, a super fast dinghy that was a real handful in a good blow - but could it move! My son's boat is a similar mover, more recent in design than the Fireball it has aneat hull and a big sail area. As can be seen in the picture he sent me, it can a wet sail but an exhilirating one - and the spills, as wih my old boat - are spectacular as well.

My boat was named Extravagance, apt because it was, Nic and his boating partner have named theirs "Hannah May" in honour of their girlfriends. Sailing is obviously in the blood, because I got my love of it from my father and now my eldest daughter has joined my son in sailing when he'll let her.

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