Saturday, 8 August 2009

Nuclear future?

In this last week a government adviser has come out of the woodwork to tell us that unless we build more nuclear power stations very soon we cannot hope to keep up with demand. Of course that got Greenstrife and Fiends of the Earth up in arms immediately. Yet the truth which these morons refuse to acknowledge is that we already buy some 20% of our energy from France who generate roughly 80% of theirs using nuclear. Even if the government declared tomorrow that they were going to adopt this sensible approach you may be sure that we would then be subjected to endless appearances on TV and Radio and articles in the press from Greenstrife and the Fiends foaming at the mouth and declaring that we were destroying the earth by even thinking of going nuclear. And, if any UK government had the balls to ignore these idiots and go ahead anyway, the planning process is so long winded and so convoluted it is unlikely we could build any within the next 50 years anyway.

Put simply, the future may well be nuclear, but probably not in the UK - at least not if Labour's CND element, Greenstrife and Fiends of the Earth have anything to do with it. Sometime in the next twenty or so years we can expect the lights to go out and probably expect "brown outs" in the next ten. Such are the joys of our undemocratic society which places the wishes of a tiny minority of idiots above the needs of the majority who pay for it.

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