Sunday, 9 August 2009

Book sales

I have never expected to see my sales propel my books into the Best Seller lists, for one thing I am the "marketing" department and I may be good at writing them, but I am not a salesman - one reason I joined the Fire and Rescue Services. Even so my sales seem to be chugging along, the latest being through a small retail book shop in the Cotswolds who have bought in a small stock for their shelves. Should you visit Moreton in Marsh, call in on Cotswold Books!

Interestingly they had an order for a copy of The enemy is within and contacted the Publisher. Now comes the strange bit - the Publisher would only sell it to them at the full retail price! Now that doesn't seem right to me, but it is in line with their policy of not paying a "Royalty" on any discounted sales. Ergo, I have sold a sizeable number of books through Amazon - understandable since Amazon are the world's biggest book seller - but as Amazon take a 60% discount, I am almost paying the Publisher for the privilege. According to the sales reports the book has sold at a loss throughout. Not encouraging for my Bank manager as this was a "Joint Venture" and I have my savings tied up in this venture. Equally disappointing is the lack of decent marketing, something I thought I had paid into, but which I am now informed (Mind you there has been a change of ownership!) that they will "support" my marketing efforts!

Both books are selling steadily though it will take a while to recover the money and the effort put into them. So, for now, I am still writing, using the lessons learned in the writing and selling the first pair. But I am also putting an effort into working with a Publicist to develop a package that will hopefully get me onto the books of a proper Agency and then hopefully get all my books into the mainstream publishers. In the meantime I am working on getting copies of the books into High Street booksellers, no easy task as shelf space is at a premium and most of them will stock only on sale or return. I am told that arranging a "Book signing" for myself is a good way to get stocked in a store, but so far enquiries have not been encouraging.

I guess its a work in progress - one my fire service training hasn't prepared me for. I'm far to used to "instant" action.

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