Saturday, 14 November 2009

Civil Service parasites

My blood boiled today. I received a copy of a UK newspaper a day or so old. Yes, you've probably guessed. It was the headline coupled with the date that had me speechless with fury. The Civil Servants in the Ministry of Defence have been paid out £47 million pounds in bonuses for "efficiency"..........

OK, now I'm having to carefully control my heart rate, my blood pressure and take some serious anger management exercise. This bunch of insufferable incompetents have been awarded BONUSES? For EFFICIENCY? Do they seriously think the rest of us are blind, half-witted idiots? We have our soldiers and sailors on such low wages that they need to draw "Income Allowance" benefits from the Department of Social Security to keep their families in the basics. And the Mandarins in their comfy offices (Refurbished at the cost of a new Type 45 Destroyer!) award themselves bonuses that would have seen all our fighting services given a decent pay rise!

This same bunch of utter incompetents can't manage any contract on budget and on time - in fact the doubling of the cost of replacing the Trident system is entirely the fault of these incompetents, and the spiralling cost of the new aircraft carriers is down to the same bunch of morons. And they give themselves £47 million in bonuses for EFFICIENCY?

Its not just a disgrace. Its a full blown scandal and its time that other bunch of parasites in the Palace of Westminster stamped on them and cut the Civil Service down to size. Its long past time for the Civil Service to be slashed and reduced to a fraction of its size. But it won't happen anytime soon - the Westminster W*nk*rs are so deeply embroiled in this disgraceful theft of the Taxpayers money they can't afford to do anything about it.

OK, OK, I'm going to go and lie down for a bit.


  1. The Gorse Fox would humbly commend your post to all readers... and wishes he could say more.

  2. What surprises me is that you're surprised! It defies belief that they could even consider this, but then this junta has brought us illegal wars, making the poor poorer, destroying our civil liberties and democracy, tax, spend and waste; and did I mention an unelected leader (I use that word loosly) with unelected cronies...need I go on? These Monsters have NO SHAME and no intention of changing. A plague on all their houses, and may all their stools be hedgehogs (breech position)!

  3. I hope the hedgehogs you refer too are cast iron.