Thursday, 19 November 2009


The story of an elderly Australian motorist who managed to drive 370 miles after taking a wrong turn in New South Wales and wound up in Victoria near Geelong while out to buy a newspaper is amusing in one sense, espaecially as the old buffer has all his marbles and simply decided that, as he was lost, he might as well enjoy the drive.

If only one could say that of the State Opening of Parliament yesterday. If ever anyone was lost and without a GPS, roadmap or any other useful navigation tool it is Gordon Brown's government. Right from the farce of the Minister of Justice (formerly resident in the Lords and known as The Lord Chancellor) Jack Straw, tarted up in robes he obviously doesn't suit, through the rudeness and plain bad manners of the Commons parasites jabbering noisely in the lobby behind their respective "leaders" it was a pantomime. The "Queens Speech" lasted all of six minutes and contained nothing of any substance. In fact it was a classic example of Labour New Speak, nothing but hot air and vacuous slogans. Makes one wonder why the Queen bothered to get dressed for it and why the Lords even bothered to get out the vermin - sorry - ermine robes.

Lets face facts, this government lost its way after the first term, in fact probably during it. Their cronism and ideological claptrap is now come home to roost big time and as usual it is the tax payers who must foot the bills. The country is bust, the capital and underpinning wealth left during Blair's first term of office and it won't be coming back. So yesterday's little bit of panto is really just the admission that Gordo and his coterie of sycophants, ideologues and social inadequates are lost. No map, no compass and no GPS - and probably no clue as to how to use any of those aids to finding one's way.

I suppose we can hope that Blair or Brown gets elected as EU President. After all why should we be the only people to suffer under these morons ....

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