Friday, 13 November 2009

Friday musings

It seems that there is the potential for a number of other jobs here in Tehran/Iran for the team currently engaged in training. Some of it will be quite intense if it is awarded to us and will involve a great deal of survey work for fire safety. While it is encouraging it is also a daunting prospect as there is more than just abricks and mortar/legislation thing to be achieved here. There is a whole cultural sea-change required.

For one thing this country has an unusual electrical supply system. Most countries use Three Phase Thre or Four Wire systems. That is, they have two "live" wires and one or two "neutral" wires with an "earth". The system here is Three Phase, Three wire - with all three wires being "live" and the "earth" acting as the "neutral". In essence this means many of the safety devices we use in Europe or the US simply don't work on this system. And then there is the approach to actually installing and installation or extending it. Spaghetti is the term that springs most readily to mind.

Stoarge practice, working practice even displays will all have to be addressed in the places it is proposed we advise on. And those are not simply a case of "show and tell" - this is going to be a battle for hearts and minds and to convince people that it is not the "Will of G-d" that fires happen or people die in them. They have done business this way for centuries, why change now? Just because some westerners tell you to? Not likely.

Coupled with that I'm not at all sure I really want to spend months at a time here dealing with this.

I think, as Fagan famously says, "I t'ink I better t'ink it out again!"

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