Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Time flies when you're having ..... Fun?

First, apologies for the hiatus in posting, I do try to post everyday, but the last couple have been hectic. And last night we had a spectacular storm, lightning, lashing rain, hail, wind to rattle the building - the lot. Even a local lightning strike which knocked out phones and some TV channels - mind you, that last is always difficult to gauge. It may have been turned off deliberately.

Anyway, today we celevrate the half way stage in our sojourn, six weeks down, six to go and then we can come home for three weeks before returning for the final eight week haul.

Today dawned bright and clear after our "dark and stormy night" and, as you can see from the photograph taken at 07.30 from the Expressway junction immediately in front of our apartment (Its actually behind the building with the sail-like feature adorning its facade) the mountains now have avout a metre of snow down to around the 2,000 metre level and a dusting below that. Yup, its definitely cooling down around here.

The whole range that runs Eastward from Tehran is covered in a blanket of snow and we are told that the area North of the mountains themselves is under a metre to a metre and a half of snow already. Anyway, we're reasonably comfortable in our flat, a bit restricted as we are remote from anywhere we could wander round to have a look at, but tomorrow we have an outing to the former Shah's Palace, now a museum, to look forward to. And lunch, at The Blue Duck, possibly Tehran's best eatery.

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