Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Relax - everything is under control ...

My colleague in Tehran has been helping some of our other colleagues with their course. I took the opportunity to see what they were up to in the fire boxes. Unlike the one's George and I use, there is no pretence of making them look like a room The object of the exercise is to show fire fighters how to control the heated gases which develop rapidly at ceiling level. It is also an opportunity to show them things like the "neutral"plane which is the lowest level to which superheated gas and smoke will settle inside a compartment. George, having lit the fires in preparation for the student exercise, was in playful mood as I tried to photograph the fire development. Note the absence of George in the second picture as the fire spreads across the ceiling in the smoke plume and the neutral plane begins to form - thats the thin layer of white-ish smoke you can see around half the height of the unit from the floor.

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