Sunday, 29 November 2009

The "Traditional" House, Karsan

This house is built around seven courtyards. Built around 1600 in our calendar (This year is 1388 in the Shia Calendar), the house was the home of the family who controlled the road to Esfahan from Karsan Each courtyard had a function, the entrance one is the grand approach intended to impress visitors. It is flanked by two more, one on each side dedicated to trade and commerce. At right angles to these and to the central core of the house are two more, one for the women to relaxe and the other for the males to entertain their friends. Behind the house are still others which provide a kitchen garden and kitchen area surrounded by storerooms and accomodation for servants. The other provided space for the bath house and accomodation for minor members of the household. Wind towers channel cool air into the interior - Mark 2 airconditioning. Ducts and airpassages allow the air to circulate throughout the house and in winter wooden shutters can be closed in the towers and in the ducts to stop the flow of cold air and allow fires to heat the rooms. Not bad for 400 year old technology ...

The picture shows the facade that faces the Western courtyard. It is almost impossible to get a picture of the whole house as it is tightly surrounded by buildings. The "tower' is one of the six "wind towers" serving the structure. The central portion of this building is three storeys and a basement. The rooms are large, magnificently decorated and beautifully restored.

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