Friday, 20 November 2009

St Martin's summer

Germany is experiencing a spell of St Martin's summer at the moment, i.e. an unusually warm period at the end of autumn. It's been blue sky and warm sunshine all day where Mausi lives. Temperatures were about 15 degrees which made it quite pleasant to do some light gardening work. Yesterday they even had 20 degrees in Munich and people were taking sunbaths in November.

Legend has it that when the Roman officer Martin gave half his coat to the shivering beggar the snow storm suddenly stopped, the clouds vanished and the sun came out. Another story, though, says that when St Martin's coffin was shipped down the Loire the riverbanks suddenly turned green and plants burst into blossom. They certainly do in Mausi's garden: the snapdragons and roses are enjoying their fifth season...

Funny, when you think that what was regarded as a miracle at the time of St Martin's death nowadays is just seen as a meterological whim. Whatever, it's a nice spell before darkness and cold finally descend on us...

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