Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Winter chills

This evening huge clouds appeared over the mountains here and then covered them. By the time we had fought our usual battle - or our driver had - through the traffic, it was evident that the mountains have a new layer of snow and the city has had a dump of rain. The wind is presently from the north east and is bringing the chill of the snow down to us.

The mountains look fabulous, the snow pristine and the stark rock strata stand out here and there. Lower down, the cooler air and the recent rain has brought the grass and shrubs to a late greeness, but the cooler air has trapped the smog. I guess you win some and you lose others. If I get a chance and a clear shot, I'll try for a picture of the new snow, but for now, we'll have to figure out how to deal with burning the scenes for our course if its snowing ...

Tomorrow is "Friday on Wednesday" and we can at least look forward to the weekend. It was suggested we go to the mountains earlier today for an outing on Thursday. Weather forecasts suggest it might not be an option!

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