Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Descending snow line ....

No, I haven't go a picture, its a bit too misty and the view is obscured - but the snowline is now down to just above the level of the highest apartments up the slope behind us. The last two days have been heavily overcast and the rain at our level is snow higher up. Hills that were not snow covered at the beginning of the week are now. And the wind is definitely colder. As soon as there is a clear day I want to try and get a picture, but it isn't likely to be before Thursday at present appearances.

The dry ground is now muddy here and the farmer opposite the Training Centre is busy harvesting the turnip crop. Crop rotation is obviously something deeply ingrained here, as he has ploughed, harrowed and planted a winter crop already - presumably one that that likes the snow and needs the water that is available in winter.

And the good news for us is that it is now nine days to our flight home. Personally I can't wait. Its been fun in some ways, and its certainly paying the bills for the moment. But I'm also conscious of the very large number of things now urgently requiring my attention at home. Not to mention my beloved old Paddy Cat who has probably given me up for lost.

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