Thursday, 31 December 2009

Seeing out the year

I guess that 2009 has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for most of us, it certainly has been for me. I have a visit today to an Opthalmologist to investigate something that has appeared on one of my retina which has to be one of the worst ways to end any year as I have no idea what to expect or how I will respond to it turning out to be bad news. That said, the rest of the year has been a very mixed bag, with going through the selection process for ordination and dropping out at the last hurdle. The struggle to get enough business to keep the bills paid has also been a challenge, one solved by the Tehran contract and which is now apparently in the balance. If the eye doctor comes up with bad news it may be scuppered, and if the Iranians don't solve their internal problems, that could also scupper it. Time will tell I guess.

Still, 2010 is worth looking forward too. The Monk and Mausi have plans. The Monk has sold his flat (Apartment) and will move from these shores in May. He will join Mausi in the Rhinelands and they plan to marry as soon as possible thereafter. So, if I am in a condition to do so tonight, I will be raising the glass to Mausi and looking forward to our future.

Now, where did I put that German lesson.