Monday, 7 December 2009

Tense in Tehran

For the moment we still have the internet and the phone, although there is reportedly a large anti-government demo in progress. We did have a lot of warning about it and last night there were people standing on the rooftops chanting, the traditional form of protest here. That said, where we are accomodated and where we are working we have seen and heard absolutely nothing further.

BBC news reports from Turkey are interesting, but there is nothing live to go by.

Watch this space, I'll post of there is more.

Meantime we are looking forward to getting home in just on ten more days. The folk we are working with are super, we couldn't ask for nicer people to work alongside. Even the people on the street are warm and friendly, its not unusual to be stopped in a shop and asked where you are from and then engaged in friendly conversation, albeit in broken English. But, lets face it, home is home. Twelve weeks away from it is a long time.

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